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Our Approach to Clients


CF Appointments Education is a specialist team of former Heads and Bursars, who have current experience of being Governors in independent schools, dealing with school senior leadership appointments. In addition they are supported by full-time Senior Consultants based at the CF Appointments offices in London.

We aim to ensure that our personal involvement in each school assignment, without delegating work to junior research assistants, enables us to maximise the chances of finding the right fit between school and candidate. We approach each school as an individual assignment with a specific profile for a new Head that is unique to the school's needs and current stage of development, and we keep that match at the forefront of the process throughout.

We believe that our current knowledge of schools, our contacts within the education sector and our own direct experience of school leadership enable us to support you in attracting the best possible candidates to give the Board of Governors, or whoever is making the appointment, a wide choice to consider.

A crucial stage of the selection process is that of determining which candidates should be called for interview. CF Appointments Education talks to all applicants who match the candidate brief (which is normally everyone who applies) so we can recommend those candidates whom we consider worth meeting - a decision that can be complex when candidates appear equally well-qualified on paper. This screening also enables outstanding candidates with a non-standard CV, who might otherwise ‘slip through the net’, to be put forward for consideration.

On appointment, CF Appointments Education would, if required:

  • meet with relevant members of the Board of Governors and/or Senior Staff for a briefing on the post in order to understand fully the specific nature and requirements of the appointment and the School,
  • advise on the timetable for advertising, interviewing and appointing,
  • organise advertising approved by the School as most likely to attract a strong field of applicants,
  • assist with drafting the necessary paperwork, covering a description of the School highlighting its facilities, achievements and strengths, and the personal qualities sought in the new Head,
  • put on the CF Appointments website the application form, description of the posts and the responsibilities involved, general information about governance at the School, a candidate specification and details of the interview process,
  • deal with all enquiries, discuss the post with anyone who wishes for more information, send the paperwork out to any applicant unable to access our website and acknowledge all applications.

During the Selection process, CF Appointments Education would:

  • encourage suitable candidates from our Confidential Register and contacts who might not otherwise think of applying to consider doing so and endeavour to encourage a selection of other strong candidates to allow their name to go forward,
  • process all the applications and interview all applicants who match the candidate brief (which is normally everyone who applies) either by telephone or in person at the CF Appointments offices,
  • provide written confidential screening profiles (a summary of each candidate’s qualifications, experience, screening assessment and our recommendation),
  • meet with the School’s Selection Panel with an assessment of all screened candidates and recommend those whom we consider to be worth meeting so that the interview list can reflect the best possible choice available,
  • contact candidates with details of the next stage of the process, contact unsuccessful candidates and, if the School wished, be present at the interviews as an independent observer and recommend a range of questions to consider,
  • provide feedback to candidates as appropriate and if a further meeting/interview is considered necessary contact the candidates with details of the next stage of the process,
  • advise on the best method of selection at the interview stage, such as the possible use of an effective Presentation Topic or In-Tray Exercise to assess the candidates’ ability to prioritise and think on their feet.

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