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Develop your CV

  • Start with your contact details
    Postal address
    Telephone numbers including mobile
    Email address(es)
  • Profile about you - a paragraph
    Refer to your experience and skills and be specific about the types of jobs you are looking for and your longer term aspirations.
  • Your achievements
    Select a number of achievements from your career to date and describe them briefly and truthfully.
  • Your career to date
    Mention the current situation first and work backwards. Name the positions held, the organisation and give a brief description of the job and your achievements.
  • Your qualifications, education and training
    Mention the most recent first and work backwards.
  • Your voluntary work
    Mention the most recent first and work backwards.
  • Interests
    Optional but very helpful for interviewers.
  • Personal
    All optional but you could include marital status, children and health.
    If you are moving into the voluntary sector from the commercial sector, you may wish to put your voluntary work nearer the beginning of the CV to reassure a recruiter of your empathy with the sector.
  • References
    References will be needed at some stage but can be provided at the appropriate time and need not be listed on your CV initially.

The covering letter

Many organisations will ask for a covering letter, or "Supporting/Personal Statement". This is your opportunity to say why you want the job and how you meet the Person Specification. Be very specific about how you can help the organisation / what you "bring to the party".

In responding to the Person Specification you should be brief and clear about how you match their requirements and include evidence of transferable skills or experience.

Application Forms

In most cases prospective employers will require a CV and Personal Statement. In cases where a special application is to be used, CF Appointments will facilitate this on our website.

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