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We will begin the assignment with a thorough briefing from those responsible for making the appointment. This is to ensure that we completely understand all the issues likely to impact on the new appointment and the culture of the organisation. At this stage we can involve key stakeholders and staff through formal or informal discussions structured to give meaningful involvement.

Based on our discussions and information provided by you, we will prepare a candidate brief comprising a background paper, a detailed job description, a person specification and an outline of the post’s terms and conditions. This brief serves as the main point of reference for identifying and evaluating candidates and will appear on our website.


Using our experience, our long standing sponsorship of the Croner Charity Rewards Survey and an in-depth understanding of the current recruitment market, we will advise on prevailing market rates and recommend a remuneration package to attract suitably qualified and experienced candidates. The final agreed requirements of the position and person specification will determine the eventual remuneration (Appendix 2).

The Search

The consultant who has been thoroughly briefed on your organisation and the role is fully competent to act as your ambassador and will conduct all research. There are several aspects to the Search:

Our Networks

We are able to call on a national and international network of contacts in the commercial and public sectors, charities, government, policy makers and the wider voluntary community to generate leads for the role. We use our extensive networks for advice, ideas and introductions. This means that your lead consultant will approach potential candidates about the role.

This is what is sometimes known as headhunting and in the commercial world usually means identifying individuals who are currently working for competitors; taking particular care to conduct our search activities professionally and ethically. We have a reputation for being able to access diverse networks and this is borne out by the variety of organisations where we have helped to recruit senior professionals.

Our Confidential Register

We maintain an active register of professionals, drawn from diverse backgrounds (including voluntary, commercial, public, armed forces and overseas). This register provides a starting point and its advanced database, allows suitable candidates to be identified using a variety of parameters. In particular we are able to search for specific criteria such as experience and skills, which are contained within CVs, the person specification and the job description.


For senior positions we recommend advertised search as an additional source to attract candidates. It also serves to advertise in the interests of transparency and equal opportunities. As part of this service we will prepare advertising copy for your approval and manage all aspects of placing the advertisement on your behalf. We have negotiated special reduced rates, in recognition of the amount of advertising we do, and have professional support in maintaining these high standards. We also use our own website, and a variety of others to extend this media presence (Appendix 3).

Enquiries and response handling

Our client services team, in co-operation with your consultant, respond to all enquiries. Applications are received electronically via the CF Appointments website and our client services team process applications on your behalf.

Candidate interviews with CF Appointments

As part of our transparent process, and on the basis of application, suitably qualified and experienced candidates who meet the person specification are invited for an initial in-depth face-to-face interview. In each case, your consultant will meet all applicants and prepare summary candidate reports to inform your decisions when drawing up a shortlist. Internal candidates will be treated with the utmost discretion and sensitivity throughout, following the same process as other candidates.

Short-listing candidates

We strongly encourage face to face conversations to discuss the long-listed candidates in full. Along with the summary reports, our insights will inform your evaluation of the candidates and assist with your decision on who to take forward to the next stages.

Final Panel Interviews

Depending on your particular needs we will assist you in all aspects of your final assessment. This may include group and written exercises, presentations, psychometric testing and the shortlist interviews. If required, we are available to facilitate and join the final panel as an independent observer.

Very often our clients wish to involve key stakeholders and staff in the process. It is essential that their role is clearly defined, and an opportunity for them to meet with the shortlisted candidates generates a more meaningful involvement. Your consultant can assist you with this.

Our Vision for Equalities

We champion equalities and diversity, making serious consideration in:

  • Challenging and eradicating discrimination
  • Ensuring that our workforce reflects the diversity of the modern workforce
  • Promoting equal opportunities
  • Providing responsive, transparent and accessible services

Our commitment

In the rare event that, within the first three months, the appointed candidate is found to be unsuitable or is unable to fulfil the job description issued at the time, we will conduct another search for little or no additional fee.

For an initial discussion, please contact CF Appointments on +44 (0)20 7220 0180 or via email at enquiries@cfappointments.com.

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'Woldingham School worked with CfA, at very short notice, in order to fill a senior management position.  The whole process, from the first phone call to the selection of absolutely the right candidate, was remarkably well handled; efficient, smooth, helpful, thoughtful and adding value throughout the selection programme.  Highly recommended.'

Niall Campbell, Bursar

'I just wanted to say it was a real pleasure to work with you.'

Mr John Gibbons, Director of Finance & Administration

'Time is precious, everyone is busy and when recruiting, clarity and service is essential.  That's what you get with CfA...'

Mrs Sheila Brown OBE, Chief Executive

'I wanted to thank you personally for the quality of the candidates you offered to us and also for the very special package that you put together to meet our needs...'

Robert Mitchell, Chairman

'Would have no hesitation in using CfA again for similar senior appointment.'

John Brookes, Trustee

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